A Growing Up Story In The Vigilante West

Bannack is a story of adventure and self-discovery set in the time of the Civil War and vigilante violence in Montana. Panning for gold and living in the wild hard-drinking town of Bannack, Billy Mayfair becomes a friend of the sheriff who will become known in the official historical record as the most notorious outlaw in Montana history. There, Billy witnesses the deadliest outbreak of vigilante violence in US history: twenty-one men are hanged in less than a month’s time. What makes this story unique is that it gives a voice to the victims as well as the victors– and illustrates how history can lie to us.

Bannack by Delaney
Jerry Delaney author of Bannack


Born in Omaha, NE, Thomas “Jerry” Delaney grew up in northwest Montana in a small town named Polson. He finished college at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. He formerly served as director of public affairs at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City; adjunct professor of writing at City College of New York; and editor of a health magazine. 


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